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Shower Door Wholesalers warrants to the original owner that its shower door be free from defects in materials and workmanship during normal use for one (1) year from the date of installation. In the event of defects and the necessity of making repairs, Shower Door Wholesalers will repair, replace, or make an appropriate adjustment to the shower door at no cost to the owner during this one-year period.

This warranty does not cover commercial, business or industrial use, shower doors which have been relocated or reinstalled, accidental damage to the glass such as scratches, chips or breakage, wear and tear of the gaskets and bottom seal, damage resulting from neglect or the use of aggressive or abrasive cleaning materials (e.g. dry powder cleaners or nylon/metal cleaning pads).

Shower Door Wholesalers shall not be under any responsibility or liability whatsoever to make repairs caused wholly or in part by windstorm, flooding, tornado, lightning, hail, or other casualty, or by reasons of negligence by any part not directly associated with Shower Door Wholesalers. 

Shower Door Wholesalers will not pay for the cost of removing or reinstalling the shower door, or for any consequential costs resulting from the fault of other parties.

This warranty does not cover any repairs made by anyone other than Shower Door Wholesalers or one of its authorized representatives. If any person, firm, or corporation other than Shower Door Wholesalers performs or attempted to perform any repairs to the shower door then this warranty shall become null and void. 


Limited Lifetime Hardware Warranty 

Shower Door Wholesalers warrants its hardware will remain free from defects such as tarnishing, discoloration, flaking and pitting for the lifetime of the shower door. If the hardware does fail to maintain its original finish during the warranty period, we will replace said hardware at no cost, however Shower Door Wholesalers will not be liable for any shipping or labor costs incurred in the replacement of the hardware. 

This warranty does not cover damage to the hardware resulting from negligence, misuse, abuse or accident occurring after installation, hardware which has been scratched or abraded or hardware that has been removed by somebody other than an authorized Shower Door Wholesalers representative.


Limited UltraClean Warranty

With normal use and no harsh chemicals, we warranty this product not to crack, chip, peel or yellow, change the appearance, visual clarity or optical characteristics of the glass nor affect the glazing seals of the coated surface.

We advise you follow these maintenance guidelines to increase the protective qualities of the UltraClean glass coating and enhance its performance:
While UltraClean protects and coats the pores of the glass, please do not leave the glass to “air dry”. This practice allows the water to evaporate and leave minerals and soap residue behind which dry on the coating. This appears to make the glass surface look as though it has stained or corroded, however this is not the case. To keep your glass surface looking clear and clean, it is recommended that the surface be wiped with a damp microfiber cloth periodically which removes this residue from the top of the coating.

In the event of defects or the necessity of making repairs, please notify Shower Door Wholesalers immediately. 

To obtain warranty service please email [email protected] with the following information:
1. Your name and address.
2. A brief description of the issue, with a photograph if possible.
3. A phone number or email where we may contact you to schedule the service.

We measure, we install
We measure, we install

We provide accurate in-home measurement and expert installation for all our shower and tub doors.

Premium Hardware
Premium Hardware

Choose from our five standard finishes and multiple handle options to complement the fixtures around your bathroom.


All installations are backed with our one year workmanship warranty and industry leading lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on all original hardware.

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